Incredible summer flavour.

Time Required: 20 minutes

Level: Medium
Serves: 2


– 2 Sockeye fillets*
– 2T butter*
– 1T Bragg Organic Sprinkles*
– 1T Extra-virgin olive oil*
– 1/2C fresh blueberries*
– 1/4 fresh lemon


Sprinkle two Sockeye salmon fillets, skin-down, with lemon juice and Bragg Organic Sprinkles, let rest for ten minutes
Meanwhile, melt 2T butter and 1T EVOO in non-stick fry-pan over high-medium heat till hot but not brown
Lay fillets skin-side down in skillet an let cook for six minutes, spooning melted butter
Turn fillets.
Add blueberries to pan and let cook with salmon, 3-4 minutes.
Plate salmon, spoon blueberries on top of fillets

267 cals / 5g carbs / 20g fat / 17 proteinspud coupon 3

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