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I have never really appreciated my home and my freedom as much as I do today.

The freedom to eat what I want and when I want.

To sleep without being awoken.

To snuggle my puppies.

I have been home a little over 24 hours, and to be honest, I’ve spent most of it sleeping.

Maybe it’s the fatigue from only sleeping three hours a night, or maybe it’s relief from getting to rest in my own bed….but I am more tired than I’ve ever been in my life.


Vic the Vac and I came home.

No more surgery.

Just 8 weeks of having a machine hanging out with me.

Vic is mostly annoying.

He sits there making farting sounds and can’t even be bothered to say ‘excuse me.’

But he works. Here’s a quick rundown about Vic the Vac (otherwise known as a KCI VAC).

Since I’m at home, essentially on bedrest, I need something to fill the minutes between naps.

One of my favorite nurses, Lara, suggested that I learn to make hats for babies in the NICU. Apparently there’s always a shortage.

So that’s what I did today.


That’s about it for an update. I’m learning to rest.

That’s all I can do. Rest and heal.