I’m not used to sitting still.

Typically, I am in motion 17 hours a day.

I run, I bike, I swim, but I also multi-task, jump to the rescue, and trip walking up the stairs while carrying groceries, playing with my dogs and simultaneously texting.

So this “rest” thing is a big learning curve for me.

For the next seven-ish weeks, my instructions are “nothing more strenuous than walking.”

And truthfully, a 45 minute trip to the drugstore is enough to wipe me out for the rest of the day.

It’s hard for me to watch my partner doing all the things I would normally be doing. Cooking, cleaning, walking the dogs….

I feel guilty. But it helps if I can assist, even just a little bit.

One of the most important things I am learning to define my days by what I can do – rather than what I can’t.

I can do little projects on the computer – about an hour a day.

I can fold the laundry – while seated, if someone brings me a basket of clean clothes.

I can order the groceries online from SPUD.ca and make sure that healthy food is delivered twice a week so that my partner doesn’t have to shop.

I can wash my own hair – thanks to Jim installing a special hand-shower in our tub.

I can crochet little hats for babies in the NICU.

I can give my puppies the best snuggles.

I can still be a participant in life, not just an observer.

Little things.

But things I can do.

It helps.