UPDATE: I placed 2nd in my category with a time of 53:10. Very happy!

Well. This might very well be the most boring race report in the history of race reports.

Although, for someone who has spent the past 3 years struggling with anxiety in open water, this race report is one that I am truly proud of.

My goal for today was to swim 3km calmly. No stopping, no panicking. No bursts of speed.

I probably swam all but the last 600m at a heart rate of around 115, when I picked it up to, maybe, 130.

There were several races going on around me. Probably 100 or so people or all abilities swimming 4 different distances.

I realized something today out there. What other people were doing made absolutely zero difference to how I was going to swim. I just swam at my pace, in my zone.

Official results aren’t in yet, but my Garmin put me at 55 minutes for a 3k swim – which is a slightly faster pace than I swam at the 70.3 a few weeks ago – for a longer distance.

And the cool part was that I was able to raise some money for an amazing cause.

My job was to swim my race. And at the end of it, all I can say is HELLS YEAH.

A huge thank you to Susan Simmons, for her love, support, and for creating such a fabulous event. And to Bob Palmer, who is teaching me to race “in the zone.” You guys rock.