When I was in Chicago for Worlds, I found an awesome restaurant that specialized in these. After I got home, I created my own triathlete-friendly, paleo, gluten-free recipe.
To make this dish vegetarian, simply exclude the salmon. 

Time Required: 20 minutes

Level: Easy
Serves: 4

Ingredients:salmon bowl ingredients
12 oz wild salmon*
1 cup rice* (optional)
4 cups bean sprouts
2 avocados*
2 tomatoes*
3 carrots*
1 cup cilantro*
1 can water chestnuts (optional)

2 tbsp. minced garlic*
1/2  cup raw, unpasteurized honey*
1 cup liquid soy seasoning*

Directions:spud coupon 3
Boil rice as directed and set aside
Place sauce ingredients in a saucepan and gently heat (do not cook or boil)
Lightly grill salmon on stove
Once salmon is fully cooked (about 5 mins/side) place salmon in sauce to marinate. Set aside and keep warm.
Dice avocados, and tomatoes.
Chop cilantro finely
Peel and shave carrots

Fill a large bowl and serve.
1/4 cup rice
1 cup bean sprouts
salmon (with sauce)
1/4 can water chestnuts

479 cals / 62 carbs / 20g fat / 33g protein

*Items delivered to our door by SPUD