This is my new favourite breakfast. Top with fresh fruit, or roll with peanut butter.
For a quick morning, mix the batter the night before and refrigerate. 

Time Required: 30 minutes

Level: Easy
Serves: 4

1 cup flour*
1 tbsp. sugar*
pinch of Salt*
1.5 cups whole milk*
4 eggs*
3 tbsp. butter*

Directions:spud ad free groceries

Mix all ingredients together thoroughly
Let stand at least 10 minutes
Heat a non-stick pan to medium high.
Add a small amount of batter and “swirl” around to make a thin layer of batter in the pan
Flip when outside begins to brown (about 30 seconds)
Remove after 15 seconds and start again

249 cals / 31g carbs / 8g fat / 9g protein

*Items delivered to our door by SPUD