I remember reading once that Mirinda Carfrae eats eggs every day. Given the sheer number of things that you can do with them, not to mention the high protein content, it’s no surprise that eggs are a staple for many athletes.

This is a tip for 5 minute eggs that taste delicious – you won’t even notice the lack of cheese!

I added a sliced tomato and half an avocado on the side to round it out.

Serves: 1

– 1 tsp. butter
– 1 whole egg
– 2 egg whites
– 1/4 cup dry curd
green onion or chives

Chop green onion/chives into 1/4″ pieces
Melt butter in a small saucepan on medium
Break eggs into a measuring cup or bowl, separating the whites of two eggs. Discard yolks.
Gently mix eggs (not too much) until yolk is roughly mixed in
Pour eggs into saucepan, and use a spatula to remove from outside and stir as eggs cookspud ad free groceries
After a minute or so, add the dry curd and mix thoroughly
Add the green onion last so it doesn’t get soggy
Eggs are done when they appear fluffy


159 cals / 1 carb / 5g fat / 24g protein