Today, someone posed the question – why do you race? Why bother?

I think the answer is different for everyone. But this is my WHY.

I race because it makes me a better, stronger person. 
I race because to race I have to train.

Training reminds me that I can always improve.
Training reminds me that I am better than I was yesterday.
Training forces me to do scary things, to overcome them, and to teach my brain that I am stronger than I think I am.
Training teaches me patience.
Training teaches to me support my teammates, to work together, to cheer for others’ success.
Training teaches me what I can do.
Training teaches me not to make excuses.
Training teaches me to do things for the sake of improving – not for the what others’ say or do.
Training is a result of my choices. No one cares if I train or not. No one cares if I give 50% or 90%.
Training reminds me that I am what I do when no one is watching.

Racing is where the world sees what I can do.
But training is where I find it for me.